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Your Path to American Sign Language Mastery Starts with ASL Flurry

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ASL Flurry specializes in crafting interactive educational content rooted in evidence-based teaching methods. Our innovative approach utilizes mobile and web technologies to seamlessly introduce the vibrant tapestry of the Deaf community to families, students, and organizations. Explore our resources for an inspiring, supportive, and challenging journey toward mastering American Sign Language (ASL).

Promote Bilingual Competencies

Engage in interactive games that enhance ASL and English skills for Deaf and hard of hearing youth and adults. Watch diverse, fluent Deaf signers use authentic language to discuss a wide range of relevant and captivating topics.

Advance Your ASL Skills

Elevate your sign language proficiency with our web and app resources. From beginners to advanced signers, practice and develop your communication skills while learning Deaf interactional norms for a strong foundation.

Continue Interpreter Education

Discover advanced interpreter education opportunities to enhance your interpreting practice. Explore resources designed to improve your ASL proficiency, translation skills, interpreting techniques, ethics, and more.


ASL Flurry Founder's Story

ASL Flurry Founder's Story

Dr. Melissa Smith
a film strip displaying various people signing in ASL

Who We Are

Leveraging gaming technology to accelerate ASL advancement

Discover the expertise of ASL Flurry’s dedicated team, committed to the promotion of American Sign Language-English bilingualism, translation, and interpreting.

ASL Flurry specializes in creating interactive educational content based on evidence-based teaching methods. Our innovative approach leverages mobile and web technologies to seamlessly introduce the rich tapestry of the Deaf community to families, students, and organizations.

Explore our resources for an inspiring, supportive, and rewarding journey towards mastering American Sign Language (ASL).

Your Learning Paths

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Sign Language Fundamentals

Language Mastery Made Simple: Unlocking Fluency through Targeted Practice

Achieving fluency in any language demands consistent exposure and purposeful practice. Before learners can confidently produce a new language, they must first grasp its intricacies through comprehension. Our approach prioritizes repeated exposure to a diverse community of language users, laying a strong foundation for language acquisition.

On our platform, we go beyond traditional language learning to ensure that Deaf spaces remain authentic and undiluted by non-signers. Through our web and app resources, novice signers can seamlessly practice and enhance their communication skills. Dive into a safe environment that fosters the development of linguistic proficiency and the understanding of Deaf interactional norms.

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Download the ASL Flurry App

Master American Sign Language (ASL) with Our New Mobile App

Elevate your ASL proficiency with our mobile app designed for both beginners and advanced signers. Immerse yourself in engaging games that make language practice enjoyable and effective. Whether you’re embarking on your first language learning journey or mastering your third or fourth language, comprehension is key.

Our mobile app provides optimal exposure to the target language, fostering a faster and more effective learning experience. Through innovative research-based teaching and learning activities, we go beyond traditional methods to bring the rich beauty and diversity of the Deaf community directly to you.

an iPhone displaying an interactive game menu

Seeds of Possibility

Explore Language Immersion: Join a Diverse Deaf Signer Community

We believe in the potential for growth and change. Our mission is to reimagine the ways ASL can be cultivated beyond native signing families. We aspire to bring the rich beauty of the Deaf community into the homes of individuals, families, and organizations, inspiring them to pursue mastery in ASL.

ASL Flurry offers repeated and ongoing exposure to sign language as practiced by a diverse group of Deaf individuals. Unlike other ASL websites, we don’t aim to teach sign language directly. Instead, our website provides valuable resources for viewers to experience ASL in its authentic community context, encompassing youth and adults from various cultures and backgrounds.

Explore the richness of the Deaf community from the comfort of your own space. Our platform brings this cultural and linguistic diversity to you, offering a unique opportunity for immersive language learning and cross-cultural understanding.

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Webinars and Workshops

Inspiring Confidence in Interpreter Education

ASL Flurry is a team of dedicated professionals committed to advancing interpreter education through the creation of engaging and research-based teaching and learning activities. Deaf and hard of hearing students deserve interpreters who exceed entry-level qualifications. ASL Flurry empowers interpreters to elevate their practice from ordinary to exceptional.

ASL Flurry aims to challenge, support, and inspire professional growth and expertise, with a special focus on underrepresented and marginalized communities.

Our workshops are free for registration. Academic or professional development credit documentation is available for a processing fee. 

a laptop displaying a webinar featuring a woman signing


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Embark on Your Sign Language Journey: Download the ASL Flurry App Today!

Bringing sign language education to you at your convenience. ASL Flurry’s app is your personal tutor, guiding you through the intricacies of American Sign Language and making learning accessible anytime, anywhere.

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