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Meet the ASL Flurry Team

Fostering ASL Advancement through Innovative Educational Gaming Technology

We are a dedicated team, passionately committed to advancing American Sign Language-English bilingualism, translation, and interpreting.  Through our unwavering commitment to excellence, we aim to create a digital learning environment that transcends traditional boundaries. Join us in our journey to revolutionize ASL education and promote a world where language mastery is not just achievable but also enjoyable for everyone.

Visionary, Content Master

Melissa Smith, Ed.D.

Melissa is professor emeritus and former director of the ASL-English interpreting program at Palomar College in San Marcos, California from 1997-2021. She earned doctoral and Master’s degrees in Teaching and Learning from the University of California, San Diego, and a BA in Spanish with a minor in American Indian Studies from San Diego State University. Her doctoral research explored the practices and decisions of interpreters working in public schools and was published by Gallaudet University Press as More than Meets the Eye: Revealing the Complexities of an Interpreted Education (2013).

Melissa’s extensive background in education and language acquisition, her own experiences as a second language learner, and her work as an interpreter and interpreter educator allow her to examine the work of educational interpreters through multiple lenses. More importantly, as the parent of a Deaf young adult, a hearing child, and the former foster parent of two young Deaf children, she brings a unique perspective to her work and presentations. She is passionate about the work she does and is fueled by close connections with family and friends.

Producer/Director, Film Master, Educator

Yoon Lee

Yoon graduated from Gallaudet University with a Bachelor’s Degree in TV, Film and Photography. He was a student photographer and panelist for the Deaf President Now movement and his photos were published in The Week the World Heard Gallaudet. He also co-hosted the Deaf Mosaic episode Alaska: The Last Frontier. Throughout his career, Lee has traveled the world to film for various companies, organizations, and educational institutions such as Dawn Sign Press, Communication Service for the Deaf, Northeastern University: CALI, and the Graduation to Certification project at St. Catherine University. He retired from California School for the Deaf, Riverside, as an instructor of TV and Film after producing 30 short movies with high school students across a 10-year span.

Currently, he teaches ASL classes both at Palomar College and to homeschooled students, and continues to use his skills supporting the Deaf community as well as ASL and interpreting students. Mr. Lee is a highly sought after speaker and panelist; he was recently involved in NAD’s Dismantling Racism in the Deaf Community series. Yoon is inspired daily by his wife and daughter. In his free time, he organizes monthly Deaf socials and writes movie scripts.

Administrative Support, Tutor

Anna Tucker

Anna Tucker is a Deaf member of a generationally Deaf family. She is passionate about communication access and inclusion for not only the Deaf community, but also for people with special needs. Anna works as a tutor for ASL and interpreting students to improve their language skills, aspiring to improve communication for and within the Deaf community. In addition, she provides support to children and adults with special needs and autism, providing them with strategies for communicating successfully with the world around them.
Anna dreams of a K-12 educational system where Deaf students become bilingual in both English and ASL. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, family and friends. She is always ready to lend a helping hand unless she is bike riding or sunbathing at the beach!    

Content Coordinator

Suzy Ham

Suzy stumbled into ASL and interpreting as a twenty-something trying to settle on a career path and graduate from college. Luckily, she took ASL 1 with an amazing teacher, married a Deaf man she met at ASL coffee night (so cliché, right?), and worked for twenty years as a nationally certified sign language interpreter. Suzy began her career as a staff interpreter for the Department of Defense and later transitioned to a community staff interpreter for Network Interpreting Service. It was here she developed a passion for medical interpreting, following many pregnant Deaf women from their first prenatal appointment through delivery, and serving as the emergency-line operator and interpreter for all after-hours medical and mental health interpreting requests. To meet the demands of raising young children as a single parent, she opted into administrative positions that allowed for being a work-from-home mom who could be present for breakfast and after school snacks. She also turned her love of writing into a profession and enjoys working as a writing coach and editor. Her kids are now young adults, and she is enjoying the freedom to apply her creative and critical thinking skills to exciting opportunities. She is a singer/songwriter at heart and is always on the lookout for live music.

Our Core Values



In context that you can watch as many times as you want. Immerse yourself within a community of fluent, diverse, Deaf signers. Comprehension precedes production.



From beginning to professional levels. (We won’t just leave you on your own after ASL 4).

Deaf professionals

Deaf professionals

Deaf professionals in key roles: videographer, film crew, language models, and editors

A trilingual expert

A trilingual expert

A trilingual expert on teaching and learning at the helm.

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